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President, Pakao Her

Pa Kao Her (Paj Kaub Hawj) was the leader of the Hmong Chao Fa movement in Laos after the communist Lao People's Revolutionary Party took power in 1975. He was assassinated in October 26, 2002 in Thailand. His relative Zong Zoua Her was also killed in the jungle of Laos. The Hmong ChaoFa have been admitted into the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. They are developing what they call the Hmong ChaoFa Federation State and the World Hmong People's Congress (WHPC) website

Hmong leader decries violence, polygamy
By Keith Uhlig - Wausau Daily Herald
Five graduates, 3 doctors: A tale of Laotian refugee triumph
By Mike Tharp - Merced Sun-Star
Ruling postponed in Hmong conspiracy trial
By Suzanne Hurt
Judge proceeds with Laos overthrow case
By California News

No dismissal in case against accused general on day when thousands show support
By By Denny Walsh and Stephen Magagnini
CIA documents shine light on secretive Air America
By JEFF CARLTON, Associated Press Writer
Thailand Criticized for Treatment of Migrants, Refugees
Thai authorities deny Hmong refugee was beaten
By Asia World News
Lao refugee beaten by the Thai military
By The Nation
Thai authorities arrest blacklisted Hmong refugee for deportation
By Mohit Joshi
Suspect in NC slaying of family of 4 dead in Utah
Update on the trial of General Vang Pao
By SOF Editor
The Weirdest Terrorism Court Case in America (Part 1)
By Roger Warner
Thai PM pledges to work with UN refugee agency
By Associated Press
Thailand: Thai government must not fail Lao Hmong refugees and asylum seekers
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